Hannah Hale

Sexy Little Cheerleaders: Practice Makes Perfect

Ashley squirmed as she perched on Jeremy’ s palm an arm’s length above his head. It was the Homecoming football game, and their cheer squad had been practicing all summer for this day. Jeremy was her cheer partner, but she knew he had u lterior motives when he joined the squad. Everyone knew he was a player, and what better way to get close to gorgeous cheer leaders than to join the squad? Work his magic from the inside, or so that’s what Ashley had heard around campus.

Jeremy had wriggled his thumb into her bloomers and stuffed it into her tight, wet pussy while she was sitting there on his palm. He had Thumb Tacked her right in front of the whole school. Ashley, trying to keep her breathi ng normal and body still, wanted nothing more than to bounce on his thumb. It felt so good with it inside, but if he didn’t pull his thumb out soon, she would be face down on the ground from losing her balance.

Ashley wriggled, and he dislodged his wet thumb only to slide it up to her clit, circling it. S he was throbbing now.

“Fuck.” Ashley moaned under her breath while biting her bottom lip to keep from moaning louder.

“Oh, God, you need to stop. I’m going to fall.” She begged Jeremy.

Jeremy chuckled, “ A lright, alright. But we’ll get better at it, practice makes perfect.” He winked up at Ashley and wriggled his thumb out from under her bloomers.

She sighed, letting out the breath she had been holding. What did he mean, “ P ractice makes perfect”? Was he going to pull that stunt again? Part of Ashley hoped he wouldn’t, she had completely lost all concentration up there on his hand. She could have seriously been hurt. But another part of her, the part that usually won out to her logical senses wanted to practice that particular little stunt as much as possible. It was so hot knowing that he was inside her pussy in front of everyone and nobody even had guessed what was really going on beneath her tiny cheerleading skirt. She liked the secret.

Jeremy let her down, winked, and licked his thumb. T hey started another cheer as their team scored another touchdown. He really was as hot as everyone thought. Dark hair, royal blue eyes, and a body she wanted to press her D sized, perky tits into just to feel how rock solid his pecks were. Yum. She could feel her nipples getting hard at the thought. She needed to focus though, it was the Homecoming game! With another glance at Jeremy, she brushed back a wisp of her silky blond hair from her face and got back into the game.

Jeremy had been acting weird with Ashley for the last month doing strange things like the stunt he had just pulled, teasing her more than normal, but then completely ignoring her at other times. Something was up. He definitely hadn’t been treating her the same way as he once did.

Ashley liked when Jeremy flirted with h er, he was totally gorgeous, what girl with eyes wouldn’t? Though sometimes she got the feeling it was more than just flirting, and that made her a little nervous. Dating another member of the squad usually ended up in flames, with one or the other “accidentally” dropping, kicking, or tumbling into the other. Things tended to get vicious when break up’s happened within the squad, and Ashley preferred to steer clear of that scenario herself.

She caught Cami’s eye down the row of the cheerleaders cheering in front of the bleachers, and mouthed, “O.M.G.” with a look of disbelief.